Bright sparks in home building and supplies

SPARK Homes is a business that started with a spark of creativity and passion and is now on fire fanned by innovation. The building business was a finalist in the 2019 Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence. The home building and materials market is an industry that is known for its lack of flexibility and responsiveness, where traditionally customers have had to accept a ‘one size fits all’ service, Spark chairperson Elaine Roach said. “But that ethic is being challenged by Spark Homes and our philosophy of unlimited customization,” Elaine said.

“We simply believe that Australians should be able to have the home they want. Exactly what they want. And they should be able to have it in an affordable, energy-efficient, sustainable way.” Spark make building materials, products and entire home packages that do just that. “Customisation is the new competitive frontier in home building and we are leading the charge,” Elaine said. “Our success is directly related to our clients achieving superior results, and they do that because of the research, design and engineering innovation we are able to bring to product and home designs.”

The talented designers and engineers in Spark’s research and development team are constantly at the forefront of new technology and new techniques. “They are constantly adapting developments to products that we know will work in the real world, products we know will achieve cost and performance advantages, like seven to 10 star energy ratings across our products, and so we allow our clients to directly reap the benefits of innovation and design breakthroughs,” Elaine said.

“At Spark Homes we regard innovation as a core business competency. That means it is in everything we do. “From our incredible foldable house and brilliant kit homes to our range of structural systems, insulated panels, aluminium sliding doors and windows, double-glazed windows and doors, joinery and plumbing, it all starts will innovative design and a deep, state-of-the-art understanding of what is now possible.”

So a tune to customers’ needs, Spark Homes makes every project bespoke. Spark Home operate a growing franchise chain, with franchisees accepted only if they have an ability and commitment to operate a small to medium size business.

Points of difference

Elaine Roach’s passion as an innovator in the building industry has produced countless rewards for Spark Homes’ clients and the wider industry as she has brought a steady stream of new, creative, highly efficient products to the Australian market.

Elaine learned the art and science of business during her early working life living in the Gulf where she was immersed in leading edge mobile phone technology, electronics, distribution and media by the same brand SPARK.

When she came to Australia in 2012 she bought with her a proven understanding of how customer focused technological innovation can transform entire industries. “Poor personal experience of the Australian building industry’s lengthy delays and old fashioned practices inspired me to develop plans to challenge the home building industry by introducing new designs for entire homes and key building materials,” Elaine said.

The innovations that Elaine has driven has resulted in new designs that have dramatically reduced costs and the time required by construction schedules, while at the same time improving the energy efficiency and environmental characteristics of core materials used in construction.

Spark Homes is in Arndell Park, phone 8807 4717 or 86787856,

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