Nepean Business Park Starts

THE investment firm behind the construction of a major new Business Park in Penrith set to create more than 18,000 jobs has dug in on their commitment with site rehabilitation work starting.

Penrith MP and Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres and Penrith Mayor Ross
Fowler announced the start of the Nepean Business Park project that is funded by Australian firm-Precinct Capital.

The Minister and Mayor made their announcement separately in compliance with social distancing requirements caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and cancellation of a planned sod-turning business and media event. This followed the formal signing of a contract with Penrith-based Baker Group to undertake stage one rehabilitation works.

Rehabilitation works on a 47ha former quarry site adjacent to the Sydney International Regatta Centre and the North Penrith employment area is expected to take 18 months to two years to complete before building construction work starts.

The project is expected to cost $613M and will generate $2B in economic activity during construction. Once operational, the Park will generate $295M in wages and contribute $500M annually to the Penrith economy. (*Figures provided by Hill PDA economic benefit analysis report).

“In these times, good news is particularly important when it comes to business and jobs creation. This is a critical project that is starting at a critical time and it’s important we record the commencement,” Precinct
Capital Project Director Dylan Baudinet said.

He said the decision to move forward on the project was in response to a call to arms by Planning Minister Rob

Stokes to have a pipeline of projects ready to power NSW into recovery after the pandemic.

The business park is shovel ready but still requires planning department approvals for second and third stage works.

This would put it in line with government moves under their Planning System Acceleration Program to fast-track approvals to create opportunities for more than 30,000construction jobs across the State.

Minister Stuart Ayres said he was delighted Precinct Capital was making great progress with the Nepean Business

Park Project to establish the groundwork for future business and jobs creation.

“Right now–probably more than any other time in our life, we need to be looking to the future and to do so optimistically. It’s investments like the Nepean Business Park which will allow us to approach that future with confidence knowing there will be billions of dollars coming into Western Sydney.

“This is about creating more jobs closer to where people live,” the Minister said.
Penrith Mayor Ross Fowler congratulated Precinct Capital on its investment in Penrith and commitment to expand the

Great River Walk as part the firm’s community benefit contribution.

“What is going to be developed out at Nepean Business Park is something exceptional. It will be a great asset for the city. More importantly, there will be 2.2ha of open space dedicated to the city and this will form part of the

Great River Walk which is linking the city to the lakes and beyond,” Mayor Fowler said.

“We’re looking forward to the business park being completed … and looking forward to it being completed sooner rather than later because of the benefits it will give to the city both in terms of recreation but also in terms of job opportunities.”

The local business community has also reacted favourably to the start of work on the new project, with Gai

Hawthorn, CEO of the Penrith CBD Corporation saying the project was a big boost for business and jobs.

“The Nepean Business Park is a great initiative locally not only economically but will help our employment status. We’re really excited for the Nepean Business Park to start especially at this time when globally things are tough.”

Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce President Simon Gould said the chamber has “been supportive of this project right from the very beginning”.

“It’s going to generate jobs. It’s going to bring private investment into the area which is critical on the back of all the capital the Government are putting in. On top of all that, it’s being done in such a way that’s protecting green space and it’s making a contribution to the Great River Walk as well.

“This initial stage is exciting because it’s happening where we really do need to boost the confidence of local businesses.”

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