LOCAL BUSINESS PROFILE: Mode Media brings stories alive

CHRIS Hekeik elevates companies to the future in a stone cottage in Parramatta that harks back to our colonial past. A place of significant stories.

But that is an incongruity that says so much about Chris, the founder of Mode Media, which has become “the largest branding agency in Western Sydney”

In looking forward, the son of immigrants has not forgotten his past, or Parramatta’s past either.

“My parents came from Lebanon and I am one of four boys, growing up in Parramatta,” Chris said.

“My parents instilled in our passion and drive to succeed, they always have encouraged us to work hard and be the best.”

As a branding expert with a dream 22 years ago to give a range of companies a holistic solution to building their brands, Chris and his team have ridden the wave of ever-changing technology to sweep their clients to success.

“When I started out 22 years ago, I realized we had to provide a holistic solution to building brands that companies could find in one place,” Chris said.

“Back then, it was about brochures and print advertising, but with the worldwide web, we are now into digital media. But what has not changed is that it is all about story-telling.”

They call him Mode Media’s “chief storyteller” and his team of creative people are imbued with the same gift.
They can deliver a range of services to advance brand awareness in the crowded marketplace for a slew of businesses, mostly in the corporate, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Apart from designing distinctive logos that bring brands to life, Mode Media puts the pizzazz into websites and are proudly ahead of the game when it comes to that essential tool of marketing and communication – the video presentation that tells a company’s story in a way that other media cannot.

As you would expect, Mode Media’s website is full of information and examples of their beautiful work, on an easy-to-navigate site.

The main message is that everyone has a story, but when it is told “spell-bindingly”, your story can cut through crowded markets.

“Every brand we cultivate has a story at its core – a tale of striving, struggle, creativity, and hope. This is where business branding intersects with the human factor – and creates something truly, wonderfully new, something memorable” the website reads.

It almost sounds like the story of Parramatta, Australia’s second city, where remnants of the colonial past intersect with the bright, busy present, and future.

Even cities as great as Parramatta need a branding boost, so Chris’s team was happy to help with Parramatta Council’s recent Light Rail website and a video series that celebrates the past of the colony’s food bowl and, for a time, seat of government.

Check it out at www.netwerx.tv/parramatta-times/
Mode Media is at 8a Grose St Parramatta, phone 9648 8111.
Website: modemedia.com.au

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