First World Problems

Mike and Paul are two mates who meet each day in the park for a coffee and a break from the daily grind. As they share and discuss the problems they face in their day to day lives, they miss out on what’s happening in the world surrounding them. Are they both too self-absorbed to see the world for what it really is? Or will they find a way to open their eyes and appreciate the lives they have?

Best in the West Award // Made in the West Film Festival 2016
Best Film // Reel Time International Online Film Festival 2016
Indie Spirit Award // Sydney Indie Film Festival 2016

Writer/Director/Producer: Rachael Belle Myers
Cinematographer // Derek Abel
Editor // Rachael Belle Myers
Sound Design // Nathan Bell
Actor // Clint Facey (Mike)
Actor // Joe Davidson (Paul)
Actor // Rob Holland (Homeless man)

Jaded Belle Productions produces works that bring the dark complexity of feeling and experience into a sharper and bolder focus. Founded by multi-award winning filmmaker, Rachael Belle Myers, every film produced takes the viewer on a journey into a world where nothing can be assumed and your moments of comfort, control and tidy endings are eroded away.


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