The Dead Man’s Face Was My Own

Detective Parker stumbles across a murder victim that bears an uncanny resemblance to himself. As he delves deeper into his investigation of the doppelgänger, he begins to question his own identity as long-hidden secrets from his past fall into the light.

Best in the West Award // Made in the West Film Festival 2015
Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Actress // Made in the West Film Festival 2015
Highly Commended // The Coasties Film Festival 2012
Best Film // USU Short Film Competition 2011

Director // Vonne Patiag
Producer // Vonne Patiag and Catherine Spinks
Writer // Vonne Patiag and Andrew Rolfe
Director of Photography // Andrew Lin
Composer // Richard Savery
Actor // Tom Mittelheuser
Actress // Genevieve Fricker
Actor // James Colley

Vonne Patiag is a writer, director, producer and actor based in Western Sydney – a creative polymath by necessity. Proud to be a Western Sydney storyteller, after returning home after brief stints living in the USA, Japan and Melbourne, he is interested in producing personal stories that explore queer/ethnic intersection and that dissect issues of racism and geographical prejudice prevalent to the Western Sydney area.


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