Parramatta Light Rail lays first green track

WORK on the $2.4B Stage 1 Parramatta Light Rail continues, with Australia’s longest stretch of green track currently being laid along the line.

Minister for Transport and Minister for Veterans David Elliott said the unique green track had been rolled out alongside Robin Thomas Reserve, bringing the project a step closer to completion.

“In a New South Wales first we have designed and integrated green track beautifully, with wire-free technology, within heritage sensitive environments along the Parramatta Light Rail alignment,” Mr Elliott said.

“As a sustainable alternative to concrete, this green track will use 81 per cent less concrete in its construction and deliver environmental and health benefits.

“There will be 1.3 kilometres of green track laid across the 12-kilometre alignment, with grass to be planted at Cumberland Precinct and Tramway Avenue too.”

Green track involves planting grass or groundcovers between and beside light rail tracks. The Zoysia ‘Nara’ grass species was selected after a 12-month testing process in Rosehill to assess growth rate and durability in Western Sydney conditions.

“As an Australian native species, Zoysia ‘Nara’ turf is highly durable and well-equipped to tolerate Parramatta’s unique soil and climatic conditions,” Mr Elliott said.

“Its key advantage is the species’ slow growth rate, which makes it low maintenance. The community will also benefit from the reduced urban heat and greener spaces.

Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail, which will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD, is expected to operate services for customers in 2023.



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