Wild Dances

When Ruslana wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine in 2004, this sets off an unbelievable chain of events on the other side of the world. The lives of a shy, closeted Australian gay boy and a spirited, Ukrainian-Australian girl are forever fused as they share a moment of freedom in their conservative, rural small town. Using native speakers from Sydney’s Ukrainian community, who make their acting debut, Wild Dances is a joyful love song to diversity, rebellion and the power of dancing to your own beat.

Audience Choice Award // Made in the West Film Festival 2017
Best Cinematographer // Made in the West Film Festival 2017
Finalist My Queer Career // Mardi Gras Film Festival

Writer // Bina Bhattacharya
Director // Bina Bhattacharya
Director of Photography // Robert C Morton
Editor // Alexander McGhee
Actor // Todd
Actress // Lesia
Producer // Bina Bhattacharya
Producer // Alexander McGhee

Gemme de la Femme Pictures Pty Ltd is a production company based in Sydney that specialises in creating film and video that reflects modern, diverse Australia. They are a husband and wife team with comprehensive experience in a variety of different sectors and who utilise the skills of a diverse and talented group of freelancers. Their passion is for high-concept, edgy content and they pride themselves on making videos that go above and beyond what people would ordinarily think is possible for their budget.


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